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Re: Stop SOPA From Becoming Law

Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
They won't pass this bill man. The fact of it is, it will further crush this economy and I don't believe this is their agenda. I see the point to stop piracy, but to ban an entire fucking site or host when some random asshole could pop in and put a torrent link up. It's just not possible... Even as old and stupid as some of these people are, they can surely see this will destory the American web based economy.
Yeah, that's close to my logic as well. I hadn't sent any mail to my reps before Hamma asked because I simply didn't see any chance of it passing. Thing is if you actually read SOPA's CRS Summary you can see how it's gotten as much support as it has. It makes a point of adding protection for stolen trade secrets and attacks counterfeit drugs and false advertising.
By hook or by crook, we will.

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