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Re: Stop SOPA From Becoming Law

Seriously guys, whats the hasssle?

For the off chance of this bill passing through, servers will just be moved to somewhere else. Quite a few ISPs and hosters in Canada and Mexico are watching this very closley. If this passes, they will upgrade their stuff as quickly as possible, giving everyone the choice to just host stuff there.
Google will move their stuff elsewhere as well. And if nessesary, relocate their entire business. Only a few morons not understanding whats going on will get in trouble, the actual crowd will just laugh, move their stuff, and laugh again.

It will just hit a good bunch of hosters based in the US. They will go down, and thats it.

Oh, and Shogun, about those hackers stuff: Anon, as well as a whole bunch of yet unknown groups, watch this closley as well. And if this bill passes, and gets executed, i forsee the first Internet based Civil war in history. THAT will be fun to watch.

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