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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

Do want.

Also I don't see how lightning strikes would be major issue. Planes can take them without problem and most of the high hills have bases/towers so they'd have lightning rods to take the jolts. So only way footsoldier would get hit by lightning is if s/he'd go stand on tower's roof, on top of the antenna/rod. If you do that, get hit and die - well, you deserve it.

Thunderstorm at night at some huge base area? I'd go there just to enjoy the weather. I imagine even cloud to cloud lightning would look amazing (based on how the nightfights look even in alpha)..

Didn't PS1 global map use to show cloud coverage? Or I've been dreaming again.. Still, showing weather patterns moving in the map would be sweet. Maybe somekind warning 15-30 minutes before massive storm hits a continent with expected duration so if you really don't like to fight in rainstorm, you can plan on being on another continent.
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