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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

Originally Posted by onwee View Post
Lighting doesn't do anything to airplanes anyway. 1000's of planes are struck every year.

There could be lightning strikes but not the kind that kill players. Just a tree getting hit, for example (and if there is fire, catching it on fire). But just a basic lightning strike is great. In fact, having your airplane get hit by lighting would be a really cool visual affect, but just like airplanes now, you'd take no damage.

You should never just be trotting along and die. Weather implementation should affect a dynamic battlefield as a whole and not any single player.
Well as far as I can tell from the vids I have seen Shields are on some personel and vehicles. So if a lightning bolt hits your aircraft it should drain your shields and jam your wepons for a bit like an EMP blast would. If you got hit twice you could drop out of the sky not just blow up. Because it fried your aircrafts electronic systems. Lightning is after all energy and enuff of that energy could possably be a hazzard.

But on a side note if there are pilots crazy or dumb enuff to fly into those there needs to be some sort of risk involved with doing such a thing.
Also there could be in addition to that "Traning Arieas" like in Planetside 1's VR arieas to get better at doing such a thing.

Then people could go from being crazy or dumb to being unaffected in those weather patterns. Armed with the knolage of "How not to die while flying in a lightning storm".

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