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Godless, I'm done with you. At the point that you have to resort to utter vulgarity to try and make a point, you've run out of useful things to say... Now you're just arguing to argue.

Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
GodlessHeretic also has a point, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm going to try and put it in a different way than you did. He is asking "why would I not play lame to win a base." Let's face it, no one likes being the people constantly getting killed when invading a base. It sucks, you hardly get any kills, you die loads (and since you're spawning at ams' spawning takes FOREVER), and it's just not a fun experience. You can be the best player in the game and barely pull out a 1:1 k/d (yes k/d is stupid if you want a good one go play an Arena FPS, still though no one likes dying). So why would anyone not want to just get that hellish experience over with as fast as they can.
I actually agree with that point, I just don't agree that it's the one Godless was making... If an empire isn't having fun at a fight (especially if they're getting farmed); I don’t have any problem with them working to end it (short of exploit routers, which are IMO utter rubbish in all cases). I’ve ended my fair share of interfarms and I can’t fault anyone for ending one of mine.

However, there is a far cry between ending a farm where your side is getting slaughtered and moving base to base running more MAXes to the generator than the enemy has players on the continent, over and over because you’re “playing to win” and justifying it with the "This is war, there are no rules in war" crap we saw over and over in years past (and which Godless has reiterated in this thread).

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