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Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
Godless, I'm done with you. At the point that you have to resort to utter vulgarity to try and make a point, you've run out of useful things to say... Now you're just arguing to argue.
Vulgarity? That's the breaking point for you? Geez...if i'd have known that, i would've tried to end this 3 pages ago...

No. You're done because the tactics you use to "argue" are failing. What's worse is that you're attempting to play the "victim" now to garner sympathy. I didn't start this. You did. Own up to it.

Originally Posted by Mightymouser View Post
However, there is a far cry between ending a farm where your side is getting slaughtered and moving base to base running more MAXes to the generator than the enemy has players on the continent, over and over because you’re “playing to win” and justifying it with the "This is war, there are no rules in war" crap we saw over and over in years past (and which Godless has reiterated in this thread).
The circumstances you're using as an example here are kind of isolated, and are usually reserved for truly pain-in-the ass fights that HAVE to be ended. Additionally, i've only seen a few outfits with the quanitity of people required to pull this off.

I can't believe i'm saying this again, but for the last time...there are multiple ways to "win" Planetside. For some, it's taking bases. For others, it's stats. For others, it's those little moments. For others still, it's the discipline required to uphold a standard. For more, it's something else. There are too many people. Too many variables. All of them are required though. In the end, you do what works for you and yours. More importantly, you bring it up with you and yours.

Just do two things for me though:

First, expect that your way of doing things will not always work and is not always warranted. I don't care how successful you think it is, you are not the status-quo.

Second, do not begrudge others for what they do. They have their place, just like you do. Learning to work together despite differences in method is what truly makes a great player in Planetside.

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