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Re: PS Code of Honor Pact

Originally Posted by GodlessHeretic View Post
The circumstances you're using as an example here are kind of isolated, and are usually reserved for truly pain-in-the ass fights that HAVE to be ended. Additionally, i've only seen a few outfits with the quanitity of people required to pull this off.
Actually once the population drops to the point you have 1 or almost 1 pop-locked continent the situations Mouse is talking about are incredibly common.

15 people trying to have a fight at a base and getting overrun by 20 maxes is not unheard of. That or seeing hot spots and responding as a small group to find gens in the 3 or 5 bases near them blown.

The problem is, we know the pop is going to be low to start with, and if 'winning' is happening at any cost, or in ways that are kinda pointless, ie avoiding the actual S in the FPS of the game, it gets pointless. When the game feels pointless people quit. When you have a low population and people quit you don't have a game.

That is all anyone is asking. Please try and think of PLAYING the game. If you are just out to make circles change color on a map then play MSpaint.
It is a lot to ask, but it is little things.
Killing a router exploit and reporting the exploiter even if it is on your own empire.
TK and report barcode hackers and the like
Name and Shame in Global chat people doing douche things like draining an entire continent.

All things that if we had enough population for 3 continent locks or at least a primary, secondary and tertiary fight for each empire they would be isolated, but with the pops we are expecting we either play fun or kill the game.
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