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Re: PS Code of Honor Pact

Originally Posted by BeatCrazed View Post
I think Bedzike means that we can make 100 accounts to TK people who are acting like shits (godless), and to enforce the global KOS order for trolls and such.
I was going to leave this alone, but you guys seem to be getting the wrong idea here. I'm not really for or against any style of play. I was merely arguing one side of it. The difference between myself and another is that i don't expect anyone to fight "fair". So, i prepare for it.

On the note of your Gen-blower "justice": The troll in me is seriously tempted to do it, just so you can ponder the meaning of the word harassment while your suspended for a week. Nothing boils my blood more than cry-babies.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
Actually once the population drops to the point you have 1 or almost 1 pop-locked continent the situations Mouse is talking about are incredibly common.

15 people trying to have a fight at a base and getting overrun by 20 maxes is not unheard of. That or seeing hot spots and responding as a small group to find gens in the 3 or 5 bases near them blown.
Good point. It sounds like if this MAX crash is occuring in a situation like this, then they're probably more interested in a larger conflict elsewhere. I don't know all the variables though, so it's just speculation on my part at best.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
The problem is, we know the pop is going to be low to start with, and if 'winning' is happening at any cost, or in ways that are kinda pointless, ie avoiding the actual S in the FPS of the game, it gets pointless. When the game feels pointless people quit. When you have a low population and people quit you don't have a game.
I agree with you. I mentioned it previously, but i was arguing an opposing side of an issue, that's it. I understand how escalation works. However, if there's a higher objective at stake (which would only occur in larger population scenarios anyway), expect me to do what it takes to meet that objective.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
That is all anyone is asking. Please try and think of PLAYING the game. If you are just out to make circles change color on a map then play MSpaint.
It is a lot to ask, but it is little things.
How a game is played is a matter of perspective. Sniping might be considered lame to some, but that wouldn't stop you...would it? I'm not saying a 'play to win' mentality it's right exactly, but i am saying that it's your/your teams job to stop these things from happening that detract from your fun instead of complaining about it later.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
Killing a router exploit and reporting the exploiter even if it is on your own empire.
I would and usually do.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
TK and report barcode hackers and the like
TK? No. Report? You bet.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
Name and Shame in Global chat people doing douche things like draining an entire continent.
This is fine, but going out of your way to kill them won't fix anything. There's always another fight to focus on. If there isn't, than one asshat ruining one fight should be the least of your concern.

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
All things that if we had enough population for 3 continent locks or at least a primary, secondary and tertiary fight for each empire they would be isolated, but with the pops we are expecting we either play fun or kill the game.
It's all speculation until it's FTP.
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