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Originally Posted by Minigun View Post
I would think a fully free to play game would get us more than a single poplock depending on how loud we are and how many friends we have.

Look at CS 1.6 that game is 14 years old and still has a massive player base and new people are still trying it out.

500+ shouldn't be too hard to obtain in the first month or so.
It's all a matter of getting the word out there. As of right now there haven't been any mass emails sent out or any official word other than a post on a nearly unknown SOE site.

Although even last year, despite the abruptness of the announcement that the game had gone F2P, there was a semi-decent pop in the game. We've had a little more breathing room and time to spread the word, so there could possibly be more pop back this time. I still hope that an official email is sent out to all past subscribers. Only so many people read these forums and not everyone who played PS1 keeps in touch with everyone else, so word of mouth is only so useful.

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