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PSU Folding Team wants YOU!

Join the "PlanetSide Folders Unite" Folding team!

Current Rank: 2,465 of 213151
Total Points: 6,127,945

Help us help scientists studying Alzheimer’s Huntingston’s, and many cancers by using your computer to fold proteins.

What is protein folding?

Before proteins can carry out these important functions, they assemble themselves, or "fold." While protein folding is critical and fundamental to virtually all of biology much of the process remains a mystery. (Source)

For more information on protein folding please check out:

“Gosh Greenie, how do I get started??”
Glad you asked…

How to get started: (instructions compliments of for V7 fahcontrol which is recommended for CPU, SMP and GPU)

First you’ll need to obtain a passkey from

Goto: Standford Passkey Page and fill out the form. A passkey will be emailed to you. Save this passkey.

Download and run the installer.
Click Next, I Agree, Next. (be sure to read any terms and notices)
Enter a name, team# 219453, and your Passkey.
Select a Preferred Mode, GPU & SMP, SMP only, GPU only, or Uniprocessor.

Explanation of modes:

GPU: Single or multiple discrete cards
SMP: Multicore (2+) CPU
GPU & SMP: Creates two folding slots, one for your CPU and one for your GPU
Uniprocessor: Single core CPU

Click Install.

You can now find the FAHcontrol under Start->Programs->FAHClient->FAHControl

Simply click the shortcut and it will start folding immediately.

Detailed instructions: Instructions

Running Linux? You can find other clients at HERE follow the provided instructions.

Once you get started you can track your points at

Team Members (updated daily)(Must complete at least one work-unit):

GreenieGriz [email protected] Stats
CardiffGreens [email protected] Stats
Alios [email protected] Stats
Julfo [email protected] Stats
Leksur [email protected] Stats
BallisticDummy [email protected] Stats

Team Stat Links:

[email protected]

Team Live Stat Page: Under construction

Facebook Page: Link (be sure to give us a "Like")

If more instruction/information is needed, please let me know below...

For Science!



PSU Folding Team - Join Today!
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