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Re: Some thoughts on Medic progression

Originally Posted by BorisBlade View Post
Even stealing ideas from healers in mmo's to see how they apply heals in various ways, could give you some ideas.
Agreed. Except firehose healing, ala tf2. I really, really hate that style of healing. Makes you nothing more than a buff bot following another player around.

Originally Posted by Elude View Post
I think the medic himself should be a mobile healer as an upgrade so he can continue to fight and just be around his team mates, although I do think that this should be some sort of an active ability you have to use that drains energy or stamina.
Yeah, I could see that. Some passive aura for healing centered on the medic. A slight regen, that tops people off or heals them over a minute or 2 in downtimes.
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