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Re: Some thoughts on Medic progression

I dislike AoE healing. To me it seems too close to the fire hose methodology used in TF2, or GA, or even WoW. Admittedly the fire hose is being more spread out in this case, but I like how in planetside people will actually take cover to heal, or be healed. It's a short, active process and then you return to the fight.

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If Consumable Medipacks are still in there for PS2, i like the idea of of Medics being able to drop/dispense them for other users to pick up and save for later. And yeah, maybe even some that have different No. HP's healed or ones that add a little regen or damage buff.
I like this, this is clever. Set it up so that a medic with the proper certs can use some med juice to make a consumable that can be used by others at an appropriate time.
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