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Re: How the heck did SOE achieve such faction loyalty?

Originally Posted by Dougnifico View Post
It because you pick one and that character is locked into a faction. When you play, you get to know the other people on your faction as its always the same general group of people you're allied with. Your enemies are also often the same enemies you've fought before, building rivalry. The persistence of the game also encourages this. You take a base for your empire until someone takes it away from you. It all ends up creating an environment that breed rivalry.

You might fall into this, you might be one of the few that don't. You may play one, move, and find that another makes you truly feel at home (happened to me). Overall, its just a ton of fun to take a side and bash the other 2. The vast majority of it is playful anyways.


Pretty much this. I'll only play the one faction most likely, as I ever did. While there are some bad eggs, most of the rivalry is all in good fun

I think it adds to the experience.

Moreso when you get attached to a particular base
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