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Re: Creative/Odd Mods for Vehicles

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Adaptive Camo (defensive slot)
Grants a slow-timed cloaking effect on the vehicle but only when it is not moving or firing. Moving or firing quickly cancels the effect. Idea is that the vehicle stops and it starts cloaking over a period of 5-10 seconds like a chameleon adapting to the surroundings. The idea is that this could be useful for ATVs if used by an infiltrator so he can park his ATV and it will hide itself, or if the infiltrator is being tracked/chased he can stop behind a tree and the vehicle will start cloaking (driver included). It could also be used by tanks if the tank is used as artillery.
This is cool, reminds me of this guy! VvV

a cookie to anyone who knows what that is!
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