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Re: Obama Gambles On Gay Marriage

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
With his second sentence Obama said it is still a state decision. So both candidates believe that gay marriage is a state decision. All Obama did is pander to his base, but it may well backfire as most states have voted in laws banning gay marriage. Only 7 allow it. Swing state North Carolina recently voted against it. If Obama isnt clear about the state decision bit it could cost him voters if they believe he will try to reverse their decision. But reaffirming the state decision would only cause the lgbt community to be upset.

Hes just doing it to raise money and take another jab at romney. Its unlikely to have a positive effect on election day. But by then he will have already used it to get money which can be turned into votes.
Mark your calendars folks because I'm going to agree with Malorn.

You're absolutely right. The timing of this announcement is very much a near-meaningless ploy to galvanize the base for the voting season. I won't say it's not clever, or risky, but I will say its artfully stated so that it removes from him all obligation to actually do anything.

And as a person who is very passionate about the civil liberties of homosexuals, I have to say that it feels very icky to have such a sensitive and important topic used as a prop by someone who clearly isn't prepared to go to bat on the issue.

Democrat or Republican, they are all of them cowards in the end.
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