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Re: I think the biggest problem I have with Planetside 2 is map design.

I have played Esimir for several hours with the fog turned off (which makes it have the same over all feel as Indar, only it actually *looks* cold. Quite the compliment coming from a Canadian, eh) and I prefer the overall design of Indar better, including the plethora of bases. In fact, I think there are some places on Indar that need another base and hex, such as the areas SW and NW of Quartz Ridge (one on the hill and another in the desert).

My only problem with Indar is that capture points at out outposts can be flipped by just one person. This makes them annoying as fuck, as we can all agree. Capturing these points should require a group of three people standing there. Not only does that stop a single player from annoying everyone else, it also makes flipping the points harder when under fire. And it doesn't really take anything away from folks who play 100% alone, because they can still hack all the terminals in the empty outposts and spawn camp anyone who happens to spawn there.

Esimir is nice for what it is, a more vehicle focused island, but I would not like for all maps to be the same as it.

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