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Artillery idea (with concept image)

Hey guys, been lurking for a while,. Got out of playing for a few months and I'm back, so I'm back here too. I know everyone's been talking about artillery at some point or another, but I thought I'd give it a shot. First, the idea, second, the crappy photos I edited. I don't own photoshop and had to work in paint, so I did some very simple editing of existing photos. Anyway, to the idea!

Idea: So, I fully believe we should have artillery, that it should be indirect fire only, and that it needs to deploy. My thought on deployment was that we modify the sunderer model and use it as a self-propelled artillery vehicle. The deploy animations already exist, so it'd just be a matter of modifying the geometry a little, as well as creating the necessary animations and UI for an artillery system. Having decided on the sundy as the platform, I looked at what we could use for the gun. Now, does everyone know of those big guns inside of tech plants? Well, a model already exists for those, so you'd only have to modify the geometry a little bit to fit it to a modified sunderer. Change the scale, get rid of the enormous base, and slap it on.


Tech plant Cannon:

My poorly edited combination of the two:

Yes, I realize it looks bad right now, I wasn't capable of doing something cool to the top of the sunderer to make it look better. This just gives you a general idea of what I'm thinking.
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