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Have a look at some teachers salaries.

Just type in a common name such as "smith"

They certainly are not making nothing.

Remember these people get boo-co vaca, health insurance, a pension at 55 with 60% pay until death plus SocSec. Remember they pay almost nothing into their pension, health insurance etc...they are funded by tax payer monies. Also once they've taught for 2 years they get tenure and can NEVER be fired.

Here's the best part, they get summers off! They are free to make additional income or loaf around and drink margaritas. Trust me, my friends are teachers, their tans are perfect.

My mother in is a high school guidance consular make 120k a year! I know that for a fact and its correctly reported here so these are actual salaries.

Edit: Bill Mahar is a douchebag

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