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Re: Lasher, Jackhammer and MCG.

The problem with the Lasher is that it is simply a worse MCG.

It has a longer TTK, more recoil, slower rate of fire and you basically cant strafe and shoot the thing unless you're point blank.

The sad part is, its still our best indoor weapon outside of the sweeper(which is just worse than a Jackhammer).

I end up using it because I at least have a chance against other HA's, but it is un-deniably worse.

The Lasher was originally balanced around its "lash". It wouldn't always win 1v1, but its lashing made it very good in large numbers, which is what planetside is all about.

Unfortunately, the lash has been reduced to nothing. It literally does about 5% armor damage, regardless of which firing mode you use. That's right, 5%(maybe less?) of their ARMOR.... meaning you gotta chew through armor before it even matters. Essentially, the lash doesn't exist. Not to mention, the orb has to travel at least 10 feet before the lash effects anything.

I think if the lasher took 1 less hit to kill a rexo it would be balanced right now, but at this point it doesn't matter. They could never figure out how to balance the lash over the main target, and that's why it was always OP or UP.
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