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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Lot of anti-semite bigots here.
There is, as with so many other topics, more than one side to consider.
I always find it odd when some people label those who criticise Isreal as anti-semite.
Then again those who support Israel shouldn't be labeled as pro-semite either.
Isreal isn't a theocracy, so...

Personally I don't feel any hate or love towards any country, including my own. I find it really hard to be surprised by any acts of cruelty, performed by any groups of people. Why? Because humans are human in nature, and unless the historical tomes I've read were all filled with lies I'm pretty sure that it' safe to conclude that we humans are right nutters.
I guess that leaves me with this surmise. Israel is just as ffed up as basicly every other country, all of them have skeletons in their respective closets, and just as unwilling to acknowledge it.
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