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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Lot of anti-semite bigots here.
Just like we all hate America?

You're not really good at this criticaster analysis thing, are you?

You also do realise that critique on Israel is not critique on ****, right?

And even if you would hate Israel - which people here do not, they just think they misbehave - then you still wouldn't hate **** per se. Just because **** are in charge of Israel doesn't mean you blame every *** for the actions of the government of Israel. Maybe you didn't know this Malorn, but not only isn't every *** in Israel part of its government, but there's also **** living in other nations.

So unless you can find one quote from any person in this thread that says that **** in general, regardless if they're israeli or not, are somehow evil or can find any other degenerating term, then I think you owe some people here an apology for insulting them with supposed bigotry and supposed anti-semitism.

Sounds fair enough?

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