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Yep, most of the people consider Israel to be the 51st state of USA.
Now the problem is that, considering Israel is in the size of new jersey, you can imagine what a nuclear bomb will do to us. Basically we will be trapped here with no way to escape, and those that do not die from the explosion (1.5 KM radius) will die from the fallout, which will stretch all over Israel.
That is basically why we are so afraid of Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb.
Now from what I know, the military technology of Iran in any aspect other then rockets, is close to boy scouts technology, which is mostly slingshots and cardboard boxes (AKA their military tech is very old, and cannot compete with any kind of western military technology). What they do have is a GIGANTIC number of soldiers, and the worst part, is that they are suicidal.
They have a whole legion designed for the purpose of running into mine fields, and clearing the mines with their own bodies. Yes, it is pretty insane.
And yes, claiming that they can hack something which belongs to the USA is stupid of them.
Exactly, I'm a little drunk right now but I want someone to challenge me regarding Iran. It could be anything from the policy's towards Israel/US, or the "claims" of "hacking" the RQ-170 (my expertise). Open to all challengers motha fuckers.

Oh yeah, I want you on Team GOD. We were ranked #1 outfit on the last Planetside, along with MANY other games you can google us. All these other "outfits" and other bullshit things are all fuckin stupid they all suck and will always suck they are all about numbers and not skill. We have members who are from all walks such as myg0t, the only reason why you interest me is because I have an arab on my team and he is sometimes defensive and it would be hilarious to watch you two fight and argue all the time. I will do anything to have you join my team. team I'm dead serious.

-the second coming-

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