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Re: Analysis of PS 2 Teaser Trailer

Well while this thread is bumped, I guess I'll add my own little conspiracy theory.

I believe 0:07 to 0:15 could be a liberator pilot looking through the gunner' camera in the same way they could in Planetside. Here's why...

- The red "crosshair" is very similar to the teal crosshair we see for the Magrider later on (they also both have hieroglyphics on their HUD).
- Whatever we're looking from is swaying slightly.
- There's at least one altimeter among all those numbers.
- Imagine the crosshair sliding in at 0:07 and the static that follows is the transition from pilot view to gunner view. He zooms down and sees the explosions from the bombs his gunner dropped just before 0:07.

Now I expect some of the effects, such as the NC/TR/VS logos and some of the numbers were added afterwards, but take those away and I think we could well be looking down from a lib.

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