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Re: Confirmed: 9 Sanctuaries at launch.

Originally Posted by Raymac View Post
1. I have a problem with an empire being locked out of 1 or 2 continents when there are 3 continents total. I see that as being a major point of frustration when your entire empire can only have 600 players on 1 server.

2. I don't see ANY difference in the warpgate being a "transit" warpgate or a warpgate sanctuary. The effect will be exactly the same. You can take all the territory leading up to the warpgate, and that empire will still have to launch their counter attack from that warpgate.

It's a clever idea, but I don't see it as solving any issues but instead creating more. The only thing it serves is the nostalgia of a continent turning a pretty color on the global map. If you really want that, go buy a coloring book.

All this will do is make a single 3-way battle between 3 continents as opposed to 3 different 3-way battles. A major difference is now there's a barrier between the fronts at the warpgates.

Worse, there is now a large amount of territory that will almost never see action.

Imagine only having 3 continents on Planetside. There's no strategy there. It would get very boring, very fast.

Home continents provide nothing but nostalgia, and their price could very well wreck the game.
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