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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by FIREk View Post

Hopefully MAXes won't be near-impervious to small arms fire. If they are, they would be the only infantry class that needs a direct counter, and that would just be wrong.
Y'see, this is the problem with people and MAXes (and most lighter vehicles actually they've ingrained into their heads that you either fight them with AV or die. Seriously, even if your whole squad is just packing MA loaded with standard ammo, shoot the ****ing thing, it goes down quick to 10 guys unloading on it. They have about as much life as a harasser or a mossy (which amounts to very little actually) Now, admittedly, a MAX crash will ruin your day, but even with everyone loaded with AV it can get messy. It's not like they keel over in one decimator rocket.

Hell, a full magazine of AP ammo from the Cycler is enough to completely destroy an unshielded mossy.

Originally Posted by Krowe View Post
This. The variety present in PS1 (except eveyone and their mother using their heavy assault weapons in slot 2) is actually what makes teamwork so viable. The fluidity that each member brings to the table is increased by the variation between them, and also allows for greater tactical abilities and overall cohesion.

Whew, big words.
If by variation you mean which slots your med app and glue-gun go in and which slots your AV and HA go in, I agree. Except more often than not, I've seen if one is a foot soldier, they're often a rexo packing HA/AV/Med/Engi. If they're expecting longer range fights, they may trade either the AV or the HA (typically HA) for either an MA or a Bolt-driver. Either way, there is always 2 tools strapped to just about every soldier in the field: the med app and the glue gun. In my opinion classes are great because they fix this major factor of the one-man army/super soldiers we see today.
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