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Re: Body Dragging

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
It's not an indoor oriented ability. It's an all-purpose ability to drag someone a few feet to cover. A medic rushing several meters out into a field to attempt to drag someone should get gunned down. The call to even bother trying to save a downed soldier is based on if the medic can survive the attempt or not.

And if you're thinking aircraft or opponents with a height advantage, drag capability or no, the entire squad in their sites is ****ed.
First page, last post. Check it out... That's what I mean. I'm not against the thing. But to implant this idea you need to come up with absolutely different rezing mechanics. And all that while dragging should be inferior to field ressurection abilities. So you're implying "switching a root to change a fruit" situation. Which is wrong in any concept.

EDIT: Otherwise it'll be wasted development time.

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