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Originally Posted by NewSith View Post
First page, last post. Check it out... That's what I mean. I'm not against the thing. But to implant this idea you need to come up with absolutely different rezing mechanics. And all that while dragging should be inferior to field ressurection abilities. So you're implying "switching a root to change a fruit" situation. Which is wrong in any concept.

EDIT: Otherwise it'll be wasted development time.
No, I think you're not really thinking this through, you'd have to attempt a few in-field rezzes to truly understand how bad trying to can be.

It does take some time to rez, more than long enough for a medic to be shot up and killed. If a medic can rez from behind cover, then it just makes sense for that medic to drag a downed ally behind cover with them then pick them up. No smart medic is going to dash out 12 meters to recover a body, he'll just become another body himself in the process. But a mere 2 meters can make a difference. Last I checked, people don't come back with full stam and armor, just health. They're sitting ducks while they get reoriented and start the slow walk to the nearest cover to recover. A drag ability can handle the cover portion nicely.

There's no reason NOT to have it besides development time and cost.
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