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Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
No, I think you're not really thinking this through, you'd have to attempt a few in-field rezzes to truly understand how bad trying to can be.

It does take some time to rez, more than long enough for a medic to be shot up and killed. If a medic can rez from behind cover, then it just makes sense for that medic to drag a downed ally behind cover with them then pick them up. No smart medic is going to dash out 12 meters to recover a body, he'll just become another body himself in the process. But a mere 2 meters can make a difference. Last I checked, people don't come back with full stam and armor, just health. They're sitting ducks while they get reoriented and start the slow walk to the nearest cover to recover. A drag ability can handle the cover portion nicely.

There's no reason NOT to have it besides development time and cost.
I still consider my point valid. I know it looks cool and cinematic, and, once again, I'm NOT against it. I can even state that there's no CRAZY UNSTOPPABLE grief option bound to it. And even more - it IS useful, if you can drag a body out of the line of fire to call in a medic for further ressurection.
My whole point is that the ability is most likely to be underused. Thus - wasted development time.
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