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I don't think it is white and black....there is some good, some bad to unions.

Getting rid of them could potentially do more harm then good...

When it comes to education especially...getting rid of the teacher union isn't going to magically fix our Education system...there is ALOT more mismanagement going on than just a few bad apples(which they should be able to get rid of)...

Example of some stupid decisions going on in my county(I am an English teacher)...they recently spent a metric shit ton of $$$$ on a class set of Ipads...THEN spent more money on a laptop for every kid.

This is all being done while a multitude of units are being cut( a unit is a teaching spot....ability to hire another(or several) teachers.

One of several reasons(such as classroom sizes) why I decided to leave public education...tutoring now, and love it.

So...yeah...that's my rant...
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