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Unions are cool if not taken too far. An individual has virtually chance against a company. The only possible action they can take is to quit. Unions help balance the power of the company vs the workers.

Downside of unions is that bad ones can lose sight of the fact that the company must actually maintain profitability.

I'm also rather torn on unions for government jobs. If a union is managed badly enough, and the workers greedy enough, it can destroy the company, and their jobs. There is a certain degree of feedback there that government lacks, since they can't go out of business.

For my money, I believe employee owned companies are the ideal situation. You no longer have the adversarial management vs union setup. Everyone is on the same page. The workers are all about making sure the company is well run, since they are all owners. And the owners are all about making sure the workers are happy, since all the owners are workers.
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