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Unions are good, but sometimes they can be their own worst enemy. While their purpose is to safeguard the rights of workers and ensure they get a fair shake, and that's a commendable purpose indeed, if they're too successful it can be damaging to the business or even the entire industry they're in.

However, without unions you're back to work schedules where weekends don't exist, where workers can be fired for any reason the employer decides, where they work themselves to death to barely make a living wage, and where people die routinely due to unsafe working conditions. The alternative to unions is pretty grim. Unions exist for a good reason, and that's because in the free market, capitalism is predatory as fuck and will grind people up and spit them out for the sake of saving a buck. You can't trust companies to do right by the people who work for them, so unfortunately unions become a necessity if people want to work in someplace that doesn't resemble a coal mine during the industrial revolution.
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