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I am going to comment on a few items I saw here. One thing about the women's pay issue, it is mostly their fault. When a woman does not get paid as much in today's market, it is because they are not being aggressive enough. Women who are more aggressive at the bargaining table get paid more, pretty simple. That also does not have anything to do with a union. Most of the time for different jobs, unions don't set pay like that. Like in higher education, the initial pay is set by the school, not the union. (Not like janitors or whatnot, but directors, support staff, etc). There is typically a pay grade and it has a range and the place hiring will always start at the bottom. The problem comes from confidence. Someone who is confident in their abilities will be more aggressive and want the higher pay.
I have to agree that it is womens fault that they get poor wages. A lot of women do make good wages, not taking away from that. They are usually more agressive and asertive types who get the money. I wish more women were like that cause they tend to buy smarter, but not always. Then prices for womens things that they buy would be cheaper. But women allow themselves to be controled by prices. If its cheap it can't be good enough. The more expensive it is the better it is. They call this idea fashion. They charge 300 dollars for jeans that have 10 dollars worth of material and a fashion name on them. How can a $1500 dollar pocketbook be better then a 10 dollar one. They hold the same amount of stuff, usually more in the cheaper one. So why do women in general get poor wages. Its because smart men who are in business know that women can't help themselves, generally speaking, and don't want their wives or girl friends wasting their money on crap. Pay them less - they spend less. I wonder if we pay them more will will prices between men and women equalize. Maybe there should be a seperate, womans only union for that. But then I remeber the Union Slogans - you know the ones - Union Strong, Union Made Union Quality. If the Union does the job its done better, its done with efficiency, It skilled labor. Maybe Union pocketbooks are Union Made that sell for $1500 dollars. Thats got to be it. Maybe the Unions have women just where they want them. Working for less money and spending more money on union stuff. Keep them poor. keep then under control. those evil working women.
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