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Wow. Just... Wow.

Women tend to make less largely because they tend to take less physically demanding and physically dangerous work, both aspects of a job that add somewhat to pay. When comparing womens salaries to mens in similar jobs/fields/experience levels, pay gaps have for the most part disappeared.
lol - now that prespective is from the male gender point of view. I have know women who have taken physically demanding and physically dangerous work, do it better then some men, and still get paid less because they are women and have not aserted themselves. , ask any firewomen, police officer, militay female in a Battle Zone, or construction worker 100 stories up welding steel, and they will laugh at your comment. And there are some women who make more money then men in none physically demanding or dangerous work.

Some women stand up for themselves and don't let men tell them what they can or can't do and what they want for pay. Most don't.

Men still dictate what a womens worth is, and how much they can make. And a lot of wome accept it or they would not be paying twice as much for the same items that men at half their price. Savey Business women know this and price hike the women too. Its a sad cycle.
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