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Re: The Death of Compromise

Originally Posted by ItsTheSheppy View Post
The fetus isn't capable of making that decision because, frankly, it's not really a human yet. You and I can disagree on that, but the point is not whether or not abortion should be legal, but rather if there is room for compromise. I believe that there is.
The life is extinquished or it is not, when it is extinguished is not a compromise.

... is certainly one of many options. But, again, there is room for compromise there. Your statement that there isn't is a fallacy.
Bailouts do nothing good.

[quote]I'm not exactly sure what the 'war on freedom' is, or what you're trying to get at with the above statement.[/quote

A war is a war is a war. The scale of it has nothing to do with it being a war.

Okay. So what? What exactly is the point? You offered it as an example of there being no room to compromise based on the nature of the issue. I disagree and I don't see anything in the above statement that bolsters your claim.
The Constitution does not compromise on what is taxable revenue. It is explicit.
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