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Re: Obama Gambles On Gay Marriage

Originally Posted by Sobekeus View Post
Call it what it is, it isn't equal rights, it is more rights. Subtle but important difference, especially from the opposition's point of view.
This is interestingly enough the same logic that was used to block interracial couples. Very effective.

Speaking of this conversation, I was hanging out with some friends the other day. I never talk politics with any of them since we're all like minded except one of them who holds a complete ignorance is bliss viewpoint about anything. Anyway this friend turned to the rest of us and was like: "Did you see that Obama is supporting gay rights now? That's so wrong." I was like "and this affects you in what way?" and the person was like "I never thought of it like that. I guess it doesn't." and dropped the conversation. It made me realize how many people out there probably don't think about these topics at all. It reminded me of Tim Minchin's Storm story in that people can go their whole life like this.

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