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Re: Obama Gambles On Gay Marriage

That's a cool quote, Cutter. Anatole France. I wasn't even really familiar with him until just now. I need to get more culture.

Sobekeus, I am not trolling. You'd know it if I were trolling because my posts would be shorter and there would be a lot more ad hominem. I legitimately have a very hard time following your logic.

I think the reason for this is you have convinced yourself that your opposition to same-sex marriage is based not on bigotry but instead on reasoned logic. I think you only need look as far as the general reaction here to suggest that you may perhaps need to take a closer look at your opinions and from whence they have come. What you are saying makes little no no reasoned sense.

"Rights Equilibrium" is a term that makes almost no sense standing on its own. You say that homosexuals are looking for 'more' rights than heterosexuals. Even if that were the case, which is very much is not, how exactly would that be a bad thing?
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