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Re: Obama Gambles On Gay Marriage

Originally Posted by ItsTheSheppy View Post
I think the reason for this is you have convinced yourself that your opposition to same-sex marriage is based not on bigotry but instead on reasoned logic.
As I said before, I'm all for gay marriage.

What you are saying makes little no no reasoned sense.
*shrug* not everyone is into sociology.

"Rights Equilibrium" is a term that makes almost no sense standing on its own. You say that homosexuals are looking for 'more' rights than heterosexuals. Even if that were the case, which is very much is not, how exactly would that be a bad thing?
It is very clear, you just want to muddy it up to make it fit your perception of me. Everyone currently has the right to marry, gay or not. What is being pushed for is more rights (for everyone) on top of those. The rights to marry someone of the same sex. Whether gay or straight is not relevant. Everyone has the right to marry someone of the same sex and that is what I think many people fear... is that it somehow diminishes them and their fourth marriage.

Do you understand yet?
Post at me bro.

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