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Re: Obama Gambles On Gay Marriage

This isn't a gamble. Right-wing conservatives won't vote for Obama because he's black and a Democrat. Him supporting gay rights doesn't make a difference to those people at all. I guess they'll be able to call him a ***-lover on top of "Obongo the Kenyan Muslim Socialist-nazi-communist", but that's about all that'll change. What this will do is help galvanize support for him amongst liberals who may be rather dismayed at how right-wing and conservative his Presidency has otherwise been, and maybe win him some independents.

Either way, there's no gamble here. The bigoted shitheads who think gays being able to marry is a bad thing are not going to vote for Obama one way or the other. This is a move that can only help Obama, and will be yet another empty promise he'll leave unfulfilled after the end of his second term.
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