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Originally Posted by Graywolves View Post
I disagree. OS makes things more complicated.
OS simplifies the game, doesn't make anything more complicated.

You want your AMS to not be located ( or at least have an extra) in case it is found and OS'd. When loading a galaxy or forming up in general you want to be quick and not sit in an area too long or else you get OS'd. It's something you have to think about and expect.
Toss concentration of force tactic out the window.

There is a problem in how abundant Orbital Strikes seem to be.
If something is crap you don't balance it by reducing the number of crap droppings, you clean it up and remove crap.

Originally Posted by StumpyTheOzzie View Post

Oh god... I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. English is my first language and I can't speak any others and blah blah blah

That just really hit my funnybone. I'm not trying to be a dick or insult anyone.

Anyway, to the OP, I pretty much agree with everything you said. That and the fact that there are that many engy/medics out there that unless you kill immediately, you may as well not bother. There's another thread about the OS being bad. Seems like the people who have OS capabilities like the idea of them and everyone who is only on the receiving end of them hates them. Big surprise.
I was rarely killed by an OS, that's not my beef with them, my beef with the OS is that they reduce tactics to only one tactic: FRONTAL ASSAULT.

Doing Frontal Assault gets old after a while; like 1 hour.

Originally Posted by QuantumMechanic View Post
The not-so-fun gameplay that Buggsy describes happens when almost half the playerbase has CR5. Which is pretty much what the game is like right now.

OSes happen *all the friggin time*. One after another. It's not particularly fun, but it's what happens with a game that has been around for 9 years.

But the EMP explosion from the bang bus - that's the vehicle's special ability. That's intended functionality.
I'm glad I didn't stick around to see the "bang bus", glad I unsubbed before that.

*rolls eyes*

Why do players feel entitled to victory simply by logging on?

Originally Posted by PrISM View Post
Keep in mind how old the game is and the sheer number of CR5s that there are now. The EMP itself is not a bad game mechanic. It's the simple fact that there are so many of them.
The EMP OS is the worse offender out of the 2 types of OS.
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