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Unfortunately, the flow of the game is pretty different compared to the situation you described. People don't drop at a back door, and look for trees to cover them while a hacker hacks the door open.

Most of the time, they drop from light aircraft, phantasms or galaxies as close as possible to the backdoor. In the time between the door and you departing your aircraft is the 'golden time' for the attackers to get mown down by aircraft, tanks and any defenders on the wall.

Therefore the standard practise is to drop at the back door emping as they land directly at the back door. Therefore they don't actually 'know they are landind' on a boomer. They think they are dropping into a minefield which will be cleared by the emp as they get close to the ground.

They are inside the base rather than having to fight your way in. If you tried to fight your way into a back door in enemy territory they will get creamed. Just takes 1 mosquito pilot to bail their vehicle on top of them and they are all dead.

Really, there are lots of tactics. Just so happens that the ones you described although in real life would be common sense... in this game just doesnt quite work. Simple - just alter your tactics and find one that does.

It is an EMP and not an OS EMP. The OS comes from orbit - hence it is an orbital strike. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse emanating from your cud. (Command Uplink Device)

All I was stating was that there is a support meta game in Planetside. Doesn't always work since there are counters to everything. Quite often the attackers bring along those counters and sometimes they don't.

You can counter the counters.

You just didnt give the game the time to adapt.

There is no I win button. There are always counters. Very simple really. If there weren't counters, then it would be a sucky game.

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