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Re: Friday Night Ops EP39 Resource System Q&A Tonight

Originally Posted by WRAITHRAGE View Post
How are membership rewards going to be addressed with the revamp?

*The resource boost having been a significant reason to continue paying a subscription for many people thusfar.*

BTW: A big thank you to Malorn for answering so many questions on this FNO. Its great to see Devs. taking time to inform their community that way.

nobody knows atm, but it is a possibility they could be removed completely. and tbh now i think now that with the current resource system with the bonus does give a bit of an unfair advantage, quite possibly p2w, some may argue. if they do add it back in though for the resource revamp, it'll give em a chance to balance it between members and f2p members, as currently resources seem... somewhat scarce especially on the infantry resources side. i hardly use C4 and LA anymore, because i will end up running out of resources for my other classes (health pack etc), and since you cant pick up C4, it is really somewhat rarely used by me, and a C4 missed is resources down the drain. slightly off topic, but hey, still related to resources.

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