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Medics will want to stay in the fight as long as possible so that they can in turn help out the rest of their squad.

So, I'll be making good use of the Personal Shield, hoping that the more powerful NC assault weapons and my squad will be able to handle the rest of the protection duties.

Seeing as the medic has the ability to heal himself when he's in a safe area the Regeneration implant would be a bit of a waste of time for him, the Second Wind implant would probably be much more useful for when he is caught out without the Personal Shield (after surviving once he could hopefully retreat to heal himself again).

The last implant isn't specificly useful to medics but I would like to be an effective infantry killing machine, I think the Range Magnifier would couple well with a Gauss when attacking a facility.

There will hopefully always be someone in my squad who will look after the essential Darklight Vision and Audio Amplifiers as I support them, you never know what could be waiting for you round the next corner.
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