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Well so far Advanced Targeting sounds like a must have inplant for a lot of you, but I wonder about how useful it will be to a foot soldier, or a MAX.

Will I have a need to see the names of my enemys? I should be able to tell weather they are friend of foe without seeing their name. So that leaves the ability to see Deployables as the only real advantage to using it. For a piolet I can see the need to target and destroy deployables on the ground, but for someone on the ground, we'll know where they are when they start shooting at us.

Audio Amplifier sounds like it might be useful to a TR MAX since you'd be able to "hear" people trying to flank you while you were anchored, but chances are that anyone trying to do that willbe using Silent Run, and that cancels out any bonus using Audio Amplifier would have given you.

Personal Shield is a good one for anyone on the ground to have, and I think it would deffinatly help me in a MAX.

I also think that Surge would be helpful to have in a MAX, so that you can quickly get into, or out of the action.

That leaves me with a choice for 3rd implant (they did say 3 right?) and I'm wondering what do you think the better choice would be? Regeneration, or Second Wind?

Another question I have is will some implants be passive? For instance Advanced Targeting? Or will you have to turn it on and drain Stamina like with some of the other implants.

One last question to ponder....

Range Modifier mentions "Used instead of a weapon's normal zoom function", and my question is: Does it still work if the weapon has no zoom funtion, or do all weapons have some sort of zoom like in BF1942?
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