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Regeneration or Second Wind? Well it all depends on how many medics you have around you, everything depends on medics

I guess we'd have to test both of the implants out to see how effective they were, but if you had a good number of medics around to maintain your health then provided you survive your battles I'd go with Second Wind.

If you need to be more of a one man army then I have a feeling heavily armoured and regenerating MAXs would be hard to defeat without a good small squad. If you can survive a few attacks and then retreat until your health returns to safe levels you will be in a far better position to destroy than if you gained a second wind only to die before the implant has recharged. The only thing you need to start worrying about then is the state of your armor

I think all implants will need to be turned on and require stamina, just some will require more of said resource than others.

I love the zoom feature in most FPS titles, for sniper rifles especially. Why on earth is a short range engineer more effective than a long range sniper in almost all Battlefield1942 scenarios. If you ask me the sniper needs his crosshair back and the ability to use the normal partial zoom, that would compensate for their lack of explosives and I think that the two classes scores would then nearly be balanced. I'm hoping that all weapons in PS will at least have limited zoom (2x).

On a side note, is "" becoming a trademark of mine?
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