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Or not.

Ummm.... No.

Mosquitos will be MUCH faster and (more importantly) manuverable than the dropship. They just might be able to fly BACKWARDS faster than the dropship can fly forwards. Even if that's not the case, all a decent pilot has to do is get behind you and match speed, and cram a couple hundred 20mm supositories where the sun don' shine.

And the gunship? I wouldn't be suprised to find that a hovering gunship, blazing away with everything it has, can roast a dropship before it can close from max range. But maybe not. Even so, that's a pretty stilted example... More realisticly, the gunship will do the same as the mosquito, only it won't take as long to smoke your Galaxy.

I think not.

I'm pretty sure Galaxies will need air cover as protection against such stunts.

But we really won't know one way or the other until we actually get some stats on these vehicles and weapons.
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