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Zarps post made me think of something though.......

A Masquito is an anoying little bug in real life. They are fast, agile, and hard to hit, but they really don't do much damage to you.

A Hippopotomus (Galaxy) is slow, but well armored against things like Masquitos. How much dammage could a whole swarm of Masquitos do to a hippo? Not a whole lot.

Here is the profile for a Masquito:

Source: Common Pool
Type: Light Aircraft
Role: Light Attack & Recon; Repair
Primary Weapon: Light Rotary Chaingun
Handling: Good
What if were thinking of this all wrong? What if the Masquito really isn't that good against an armored enemy, and it's primary funtion really isn't as an attack ship, but as a support vessle?

Here is a comparison based on role for current real world hilicopters that may help explain what I am talking about. We have always thought about it as an attack ship, but it might not be that good for attacking at all.

Masquito = OH-6 Cayuse

Reaver = AH-64 Apache

Galaxy = CH-47 Chinook

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