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This ins't real life though... so, we have assume numbers here.

Let's say this:

Attack power: 10
Attack speed: 3 shots per second
Life: 100
Armor: 1
Speed: very fast (normal projectiles will miss 85% of the time)

Attack power: 65
Attack speed: 1 shot per 2 seconds (which would be 2 shots per 4 seconds if there are 2 gunners)
Life: 1500 (Being generous}
Armor: 6
Speed: Slow

So... 5 Mosquitos take on 1 Galaxy.

Due to armor, each shot from a mosquito will only do 4 damage to the Galaxy, but would do a total of 60 damage per second. Pathetic, eh? Well... according to those numbers it would only take 25 seconds to down that plane then.

Of course, that would be assuming that the gunners of the galaxy missed a greater portion of the time. From the looks of those guns, they're powerful and slow. Two shots from one of them would take down a mosquito easily methinks. And every mosquito downed would make it more difficult for the mosquitos to win.

So yet again - insuffcient data. We cannot guess anything about this until you guyz get into beta and know for yourselves. On the other hand, the rest of us will have to wait for open...
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