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Re: Obama's Cronyism

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
What does this matter? Even if true, its not illegal to pay someone to shut up if you're not trying to cover up a crime.

As for the grant, I'm not going to care much. Be glad its the president giving a scientist friend preferential treatment instead of an oil company executive friend. Ideally cronyism would never occur, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to change.
I'll agree that the grant is fishy and probably unfair, but paying a dude to shut up is, to me, a non-crime. That's politics.

It wasn't as if Wright was out there blowing the whistle on misconduct or something. He was just being a looney and a douchebag. So someone with a vested interest in his silence paid him money to shut up. Wright turned it down. Exactly where is someone's rights being violated?

If this was soviet Russia, Wright would have been black-bagged and never seen again. I think it's nice we live in a country where Obama had to call him up personally and ask him to stop.
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