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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Originally Posted by Ratstomper View Post

I guess if that's what you're into.
The point I was making was that all they're really good for is cheerleaders now. A jetpack is cold comfort in the face of dual cyclers and heavy assault rifles.

Hacking terminals is NOT something you do alone. That's why it's a bad fit for infiltrators. Sabotaging vehicle pads - THAT's something suited for infiltrators. Sneaking up and planting C4 on the backs of tanks - THAT'S suitable for infiltrators. Sniping - THAT'S suitable for infiltrators.

Running WITH the squad - that's what LAs are supposed to do. An LA alone is in bad shape, jetpack or not. Hell, flying around in the air just makes you a bigger target.

LAs should hold the roles of what have always been lighter equipped soldiers: technicians and leaders.

You put the Rek and the Comm Link in the hands of an LA and now you've got a powerful class. A class that meassures up to Infiltrators, Engineers, Medics, and Heavies in "Utility on the Battlefield"; promoted from "trolling harrassers" to Squad Leaders and Flag Takers.

Explain to me how that's a bad thing.
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