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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

If anything give them flashbangs or smoke unless those are going to be all class grenade types probably. (if they are even in the game) As of right now the dev team is probably thinking of what to give the LA class since it is now the only class without equipment besides its jump pack which is more of an ability. It would have to be something disorienting as their main role is a harasser and flanker and as the name states, an assaulter. But as of right now I cant really think of anything good to hand to light assault right now but they are currently underpowered compared to the other infantry classes without some sort of equipment.

As on REKs, I agree with them not being in the game since there is no longer Inventory. But this does bring up the question, what is in store for Light Assault?
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